Covenant Christian School – Knoxville Campus Located at 270 Hickman St. in Lenoir City, TN, Covenant Christian School's Knoxville Campus provides a nurturing environment for students spanning from Pre-K to 12th grade. Our Moses Lake location serves approximately 90 students, offering a rich array of enriching activities throughout the academic year.

Throughout their time at Covenant Christian School, students actively engage in a variety of activities designed to foster both academic and spiritual growth. From dedicated practice sessions preparing for our annual student convention to participating in uplifting chapel services, our students are immersed in an environment that nurtures their faith and enhances their educational journey. Our curriculum integrates the teachings of God's word, allowing students to deepen their spiritual understanding and form meaningful connections with their peers and our dedicated staff.

Classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 9:15 AM to 1:30 PM, providing students with structured learning time in a supportive setting.

At Covenant Christian School, we are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere where academic excellence and spiritual development go hand in hand, preparing our students for a purposeful and fulfilling future.

Pre-K through 12th Grade

We offer a structured program designed to support quiet, independent work time under supervision, minimizing distractions. We utilizing the Accelerated Christian Education Program This program allows students to be dropped off on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with drop-off at 9:30 AM and pickup at 1:30 PM unless they are participating in extracurricular activities.

Program Features

  • Teacher Support: A dedicated teacher (supervisor) will be available to assist students with their schoolwork.
  • Curriculum and Resources: Covenant Christian School (CCS) will purchase, stock, and maintain all necessary curriculum and manipulatives, except in cases where families choose an online curriculum. In these instances, students must provide their own laptops.
  • Record Keeping: CCS will maintain student scores, records, transcripts, and progress. We will also establish and monitor daily, weekly, and yearly goals.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Students are invited to participate in all extracurricular activities, including chapel, regular field trips, honor roll field trips, sports, and conventions.

We look forward to providing a nurturing and structured environment that fosters both academic and personal growth for your child.

Tuition Costs for 10 months: 1 student $2940 / 2 students $4725 / 3 students $6300 / 4 students $7350

Enrollment Fee for New Students: 1 student $294 / 2 students $473 / 3 students $630 / 4 students $735

Returning students get 50% off the enrollment fee.

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Phone number



270 Hickman St Lenoir, TN 37772